Back at the Forgotten Traditional

Painting is one of the artists’ pride from Dewata Island. Unfortunately, the beautiful paintings produced by scratched of bamboo no longer became an attraction for tourists. In the midst of a pandemic, the We Love With Love Team visited one of the flora and fauna painting maestros in Pengosekan, Ubud to hear his conscience.

His name is I Dewa Putu Sena. At the age of 77, he has produced thousands of traditional Balinese paintings that were painted not only by ink, but also with bamboo strokes. He has been painting for more than 50 years starting with traditional paintings in Bali, such as the Ngaben ceremony.

In the 1980s, Putu Sena had a guest from Germany. The guest who admired his work asked Putu Sena to paint flora and fauna. By the time, he also invited his friends to come and buy Putu Sena’s paintings. This is the beginning of how the maestro’s paintings were known to Europe, America and Japan.

“At that time, many people came to see me painting and it made me full of spirit and enthusiasm. When I am in a happy mood, I can do it from night to morning. I was always ready to paint every guest request, ”he said. At that time, many children were also interested in learning to paint from Putu Sena. He can teach up to 40 children in his yard, including his two nephews named I Dewa Putu Gede Arta and I Dewa Gede Merta Yasa . Now, they both still continue their uncle’s legacy, traditional painting.

According to Putu Sena, that golden moment has faded. Now no more people visit him. Paintings are no longer properly valued. “Many guests think that traditional paintings are too expensive. They do not understand that it takes up to a month to complete just one small painting, whereas for a modern painting it only takes 5 to 7 days, ”said Gede Merta Yasa, who is now creating modern paintings at an affordable price.

Therefore, We Love With Love team was moved to introduce the true value of traditional Balinese painting. Presenting on how a painting requires a complicated stage of work and requires skills that are now becoming rare. You can help them through We Love With Love Foundation by supporingt, funding, buying, sharing marketing ideas, or tell this information. Let’s help local artists while preserving traditional arts during this pandemic.