Bangli Bamboo Matting

Bangli is famous for its bamboo plants and known as the producing area for bamboo handicrafts in Bali. Bangli bamboo handicrafts are one of the legacy of traditional crafts which are also popular in Bali. This webbing can be in the form of a basket, a bag, a place to put eggs, and much more.

One of the popular woven bamboo products in Bali is sokasi, which has a distinctive shape and pattern. Hindus in Bali often use sokasi as the infrastructure for praying and a place for making ceremonial offerings or called ‘banten’.

Ni Nyoman Sumartini, a craftsman and chairman of the Mekarnadi craftsmen group in Banjar Tanggahan Peken, Sulahan Village, Susut, Bangli, expressed to We Love With Love team that sokasi has many variants in size and shape. She also explained the technique of working or making sokasi. Also, explaining through the process of peeling bamboo (scraping), drying it in the sun around 1 day long, painted partly white or free as desired. The inner side of the bamboo is separated, woven and created in such a way that it becomes a sokasi.

For better results, smoother, tidier both in terms of motifs, colors as well as the shape of the sokasi, the material must be using two-segmented bamboo.

Due to the guidance of the industrial service, Ni Nyoman Sumartini was motivated to develop the Mekarnadi group, starting from coaching, training and becoming a collector for the handicrafts of its members. The results of the development and strong determination of Ni Nyoman Sumartini, a member of the Mekarnadi group of more than 100 people, is now able to increase the production of plaits with various types of variations.

But, ever since the pandemic era, this business is not going well. Many Bangli bamboo weavers have discontinued their business due to the lack of buyers.

The present of We Love With Love is to help Bangli bamboo weavers to continue this traditional weaving. By donating through We Love With Love, we can help small and medium enterprises or small traders and even artists who have lost their market.

We Love With Love helps these weavers by promoting craftsman products through social media which hopefully can increase sales and also public awareness about Bangli bamboo weaving in Bali.