Becoming Creative With Trash

When we see trash, it is certain that in our minds we will think that they are smelly, dirty and worthless things.

Even, we are too lazy to discuss it. But for your information, even though it’s rubbish, we can still turn out into many useful creations that can be made from these junk items.

Trash should be separated before disposal, divided into organic and inorganic waste. Organic waste is waste from food stuffs, while non-organic waste is waste from plastic materials, glass cans etc. After being separated, the organic waste is reprocessed into compost which is useful as fertilizer for plants. Non-organic waste can be reprocessed into various creative forms of crafts such as bags, chairs and others.

With good processing, besides producing various useful creations, the environment around us will also be clean and healthy.

One of the waste management initiatives that have been running well is the Padang Tegal Compost House which manages waste, especially in the Padang Tegal area, Ubud, Bali. The Padang Tegal Compost House which is located in the courtyard of Monkey Forest, besides managing waste, is also a waste bank or collects garbage from the community. Non-organic waste that has been separated can be brought to the Padang Tegal Compost House and will be priced according to applicable regulations.

In order to support the preservation of nature which is closely related to community life, We Love With Love also runs the #jagaalamdengacinta campaign, inviting us to always remember and protect the nature that which is our common home.