Business Shifting in Bali During Covid 19

Covid-19 has brought many changes in Bali, some affecting tourism places, such as Ubud.
It seems that businesses in Bali that used to be very crowded are now very quiet.

Only a few cafes or shops were open and filled with people. Some of the business sectors were striving hard and expanding their creativity to survive during this season.

Many of those who used to sell tourism objects that wouldn’t survive were trying to switch their source of livelihood by selling daily goods, food, vitamins and medicines.

Some cafes or restaurants that used to sell food with foreign flavoured menus have no other choices, so they tend to change their business by selling snacks and coffee which are more favourable to local tourists.

Those who still have enough savings tend to change the cafe concept into something more modern which is demanded by local tourists from big cities.
To sum up, Covid-19 has brought major changes to business and lifestyle in Bali.