Donation For VCO Selumbung Initiative

Who doesn’t know VCO or Virgin Coconut Oil. According to Wikepedia, VCO is a modification of the coconut oil process so as to produce a product with a low moisture content and free fatty acid content, clear color, which is fragrant, and has a long shelf life of more than 12 months.

This time the story is about VCO business actors from Selumbung village, Manggis sub-district, district. Karang Asem, Bali, Mr. Nengah Widana, who is the 3rd generation in a family business not far from coconuts. He believes that the quality of coconuts in his village is different from other regions.

For Mr. Nengah, who is also an official in his village, is very grateful for him and sincerely prays that presenting this Almighty which he processes into VCO can be enjoyed and useful for many people.

In this COVID-19 pandemic situation, he is also trying to survive in his way. Invite visitors or buyers of their VCO products while enjoying the potential of natural beauty in their village on Soksokan Hill. This place is still being developed with his father and younger brother. In this place we can do tracking, camping, meditation, and of course taking pictures with a very wide stretch of coconut trees and also a view of the high seas with their ships anchored in Padang Bay. Let’s take a look at the efforts, challenges and hopes, who knows friends We Love With Love can help make it happen. Amen.

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11 Oct 2020

Happy Agung
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