DONATIONS for Artisan & MSMEs

We Love With Love supports the preservation of the nation’s culture and tradition by providing space and channels for artisan and small and medium enterprises which is based on arts and culture.

Through this activity We Love With Love invites anyone who is moved to participate through donations that can be channeled through the account of Foundation, Aku Cinta Dengan Cinta, Bank Account at Bank Permata : (013) 702809169

Your donations will mean a lot to the artisan to maintain the Indonesia traditional culture. Currently We Love With Love is supporting artists in Bali who have stopped working due to the pandemic and have been supporting them keep moving during this difficult times, even though there are no buyers or viewers for their works.

Donation report can be seen in the monthly report on We Love With Love website

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10 Jul 2021

Rp 10.000

25 Jun 2021

Rp 3.025.000

19 Jun 2021

Novi Rolastuti
Rp 1.000.000