Donate and Support Each Other

The pandemic has been hitting the world economy for a year. This season shows how great this pandemic effect is, transforming things, both in the term of activity and also the economy.

The pandemic also carries out lives without giving them time to escape. As long as the pandemic hits the world, the economy is also swaying.

Many tourism sectors, small and medium enterprises and even art actors have lost their livelihoods. Whereas Bali is a province that has become an icon of Indonesia, having a hard time to survive from pandemic.

It is obviously not easy to get through, day after day the pandemic has never ended for Bali. Starting from the tourism sector, which has no other choice but to close. The artists also couldn’t do anything, because they have lost the stage. Government also knows that Bali is declining in every aspect. This economy that is continuously declining day after day has made a lot of Balinese people who love art have to stop first. Because, certainly they have to fulfill their daily needs and choose to find another job. The person at the tourism sector felt really confused because of empty visitors, due to the lockdown. How can it survive, during a pandemic that provides no clarity? In times like this, we must unite, help and support those in distress, also who are constantly trying so hard to survive this pandemic.

At this time, the present of We Love With Love is directly involved in Balinese society. We feel how suffocating to survive in this pandemic era. We want to spread the love we have, by helping those in distress and without certainty. We love with love will become the media to help those who need it. By donating, helping the tourism sector, art actors hopefully are able to survive the pandemic era.