Facing the Social Restriction in Bali

The emergency implementation of activities restrictions in Java and Bali on 1st until 22nd July needs to be faced together.

Especially in Bali, which is currently experiencing bad economic conditions. The existence of artists who depend on guests or tourists, especially foreigners, will get worse.

However, the emergency implementation of activities restrictions must be implemented for the good sake and safety due to the increasing rapid number of Covid- 19 outbreaks.

Life can not be postponed, because everything will keep going on and on. Causing lots of people to strive really hard due to earn a living for their daily lives.

Artwork activities feel forced to stop and have to wait until the condition becomes normal. This thing could also be a threat to the preservation of cultural arts. Learn from the past experience of events in Bali that caused the loss of art workers and tradition. That loss happens due to art workers changing their source of income and this has often happened.

Therefore, We Love With Love has been carrying out activities in Bali since the pandemic to help artists through virtual events, product promotions through digital media, supported by information videos on We Love With Love Youtube. In addition, we’re open for donations for everyone who eager to maintain the sustainability of tradition and art, especially in Bali.