Lessons Learned from Pandemic in Bali

Pandemics teach us a lot of things. We have learned that many unexpected things in life may cause long-term hardships and suffering.

The pandemic has also disrupted human thought in both business planning and personal life.

Long-term investment is a loss and might be in the future, we will think twice to make long-term investments, especially if involving high debt and interest.

The tourism sector also turns out to be very vulnerable due to the pandemic. So, to cope with that, people must have a life balancing sector, as currently the agricultural sector was very helpful for the community. Especially, in tourism areas affected by the pandemic such as in Bali.

Working in creative ways and taking advantage of technology, especially social media is needed for the purpose to sell or promote business.
The present of We Love With Love, is to help medium and small enterprises in Bali, even helping struggling artists to survive in this pandemic era, either through advertisements in social media or short films. We exist with love for Bali and to help those who needed.