Maintaining Ancestral Traditions

Pandemics have a huge impact on the lives of all aspects of life. Indirectly, it has a big impact on the continuity of the traditional life of the people, especially in Bali.

Why is that? Since the pandemic occurred in early 2020, which limited gathering activities, worship, celebrations and travel, traditional activities in Bali such as ceremonies, art performances, exhibitions, markets and tourist visits have almost stopped.

This situation makes many craftsmen and artists in Bali have to change their direction to maintain their daily lives, because art, culture and tourism are the core of life for the majority of people in Bali. From this sector, that socio-cultural traditions can take place and maintained.

With the art, culture sector and tourism that almost totally stop now, the craftsmen and artists in Bali have shifted to other jobs which have become the beginning for the abandonment of traditional activities. Many craftsmen turned to masonry, selling food, delivering goods and others in order to survive. Art and cultural production has stopped and based on previous experiences, for conditions like this, many traditional forms will disappear because there are no more craftsmen or artists working on them.

We Love With Love came and provided support for craftsmen and artists in Bali to preserve their ancestral culture by introducing creative ways, in order to continue to produce traditional values through digital media. The artists who lost the stage, still have the medium to present their work through digital performances and the craftsmen can still sell their goods through the digital marketplace. We Love With Love is committed to helping and introducing solutions, so that we can still enjoy the beautiful charm of Balinese tradition.

Those who are eager to maintain the traditional values of the nation’s ancestor can donate through We Love With Love by visiting the initiative page for donations.