The beauty of Ubud can’t be separated from the eye pleasing rice terraces. Behind that kind of beauty, there are difficulties that farmers are facing, it was the fields’ irrigation. In this modern era, farmers were still facing problems with leaks in irrigation due to crabs and yuyu that block the airways. That was what Subak Mandi Jeruk Kute Singakerta, Ubud, Gianyar Farmers Association said to We Love With Love team.

“The main problem for farmers in Bali was the lack of water. Until now, farmers in the North and South are still taking turns to plant the rice. Because the available water was not sufficient for all of the farmers planting simultaneously. Especially in the dry season. As a result, we can only plant and harvest rice twice properly, we cultivate crops for the rest, ”explained Made Karta, head of Subak Mandi Jeruk Kute.

The large number of weaning nests in rice fields was also an unsolved problem. Yuyu and the crab make a hole in the ditch causing the fields to leak and lack of water. It may affect the rice to become thin. “Usually at night we try to catch them and throw them away or spray them with insecticides,” said Made Karta. However, the most appropriate solution is to build irrigation with concrete. The irrigation will make the water flow heavier, which will wash away the crabs and yuyu.

Deservedly, farmers really hope that soon the rice field irrigation can be built. “We are constrained by funds, so until now the irrigation that has been built was not finished yet. Besides that, we also need heavy equipment to dredge the soil upstream of the river, so that the flow will be smoother.”Actually, there was a plan from the local government, but until now it has not been realized,”said Made Karta again.

We Love With Love would like to invite anyone who wants to help and give a donation to the Subak Mandi Jeruk Kute Farmers Association. Your donation will be given to the farmer. “We can even manage a small fund to directly solve important and vulnerable problems.” Said Made Karta closing the meeting with We Love With Love team.