Creating products is easy; selling them is difficult. Most entrepreneurs are well aware of this slogan, especially in such an economic recession. Silver artisans in Celuk Village, Gianyar, Bali, are not immune to the notion. They are currently under pressure caused by a lack of tourists visiting their location.

“Sales has dropped 75 percent,” said Putu Eka Putra, one of the silver artisans, when We Love with Love visited his workshop to help introduce Bali crafts online.


Putu Eka started his profession as a silver jewelry creator ten years ago. At first, he solely watched his parents make varied shapes of jewelry. Then he slowly bought essential crafting equipment, such as clamps, polisher, and oven. Now, Putu Eka can finish an earring or a ring in only three hours.

“Working as an artisan is not time-bound. Meaning, I can create products from home without restrictions, which is the reason why I love this job so much,” explained Putu Eka.

With his sharp skill, he often accepts direct orders from customers who bring their own desired silver designs.

“Customers come from Bali, Jakarta, even abroad. I sometimes experience difficulties when clients bring machine-made designs. The results will not be the same as the ones made by hand,” he said.

Since silver pricing keeps fluctuating, Putu Eka has not dared to offer his products online. Although the changes are not drastic, he does not possess sufficient funding to stock products to gain higher sales.

“What if my products are not suitable with current market trends?” he wondered worriedly. This kind of worry made Putu Eka rely on direct buyers, praying that they will keep on coming and ordering from him. Unfortunately, there are hardly any customers stopping by during the pandemic. Hence Putu Eka puts his hopes in other fellow artisans to keep getting orders so that he can receive some order shares.

“I hope people can aid us in marketing Celuk Village silver products. No matter what the future holds, I dream of passing this skill to my children. They will surely find some interest in it when they see me succeed as a silver artisan,” he stated dreamily.

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