Taking Care Of Nature During Pandemic

Despite the pandemic that has hit human life violently, pandemics are also a source of problems for our earth to survive, due to the increasing amount of plastic waste.

The increasing use of disposable masks, hand sanitizer bottles as well as disposable gloves, hand washing soap and many more has resulted in an increase of the use of plastic waste.

The increase in plastic waste can abruptly affect environmental pollution. The most polluted area is the sea, because a lot of disposable mask waste was thrown there. We Love With Love wants to invite the public to pay more attention to plastic waste to be disposed of in the right place.

To take care of our earth, we can start by small actions such as when using a disposable mask, cut the strings before throwing them in the trash. Then, avoid using disposable plastic gloves, we better be diligent in washing our hands. Also, use a large container to fill the hand sanitizer and hand washing soap to reduce plastic waste.

Because plastic waste will increase over time, which causes damage to the environment, we must do our best to reduce the use of plastic. Do not throw any trash such as masks and hand sanitizer bottles or other waste into the sea, the sea will be polluted and the earth will be even more damaged.

We Love With Love in Bali also supports the action to take care of the nature through the #jagaalamdengancinta campaign. Besides seeing directly the economic development and also the business sector in Bali, We Love With Love also try to gain support from sponsors for the artists, craftsmen and various sectors to survive in Bali.

We Love With Love strives hard to channel donations and support towards small and medium business artists and craftsmen who are struggling against the Covid-19 pandemic.