The Beauty of Agricultural Life

Bali is one of the provinces in Indonesia that is blessed with fertile land, so many people in Bali make their living through agriculture.

Some people in Bali choose a profession as a farmer, who works in the large fields of Bali. Apart from the rice field life, it is an attraction for tourists who come to Bali.

An interesting fact about the agricultural system in Bali which is very famous is called Subak. This agricultural system has been used since ancient times, even today the Balinese people still use this agricultural system. This system is an ancestral heritage that is still strongly maintained in Bali.

Over time, many changes have occurred in Bali, especially in the tourism sector, which has become increasingly widespread with the development of hotels, housing, etc. But, a new problem arises with the appearance of many housing places built in the rice field area. This had an impact on the rice fields being replaced by buildings. It is unfortunate if the rice fields which are properly taken care of, have to be replaced with buildings.

The natural beauty of rice fields is slowly being lost and farmers are losing their land. It would be better, if the making of the hotels and housing consider preservation to maintain the rice fields. Because actually, the beautiful agriculture and rice fields in Bali are able to provide life for the community during the pandemic.

The present of We Love With Love community is to help farmers and contractors work together to keep nature, also people’s lives in harmony. Building any construction in Bali doesn’t have to destroy nature.

We Love With Love is also here to help medium and small enterprises who need help, through donations and interesting programs. Also putting hope against the donors or sponsors who can help those who are struggling against the pandemic.