The Missing Performances of Artists in Bali During the Pandemic

This pandemic, which has been going on for approximately 1 year, has greatly affected artists in Bali. Bali in normal conditions is full of art performances and attractions for domestic and foreign tourists.

Currently, the art stage is closed, the arts in Bali start to fade, because the art stages seem to have disappeared due to the absence of visitors to Bali.

It was unexpected that the effects of this prolonged pandemic would not only threaten health, but also directly threaten the livelihoods of Balinese artists. The absence of performing arts that are usually done by artists and become their livelihood, has a huge impact on their financial condition. During this pandemic, there were a lot of artists in Bali who were affected by the pandemic, those who have struggled from the beginning of the pandemic until now are still trying to survive with other jobs besides being art actors.

Art in Bali is not just art but traditions from ancestors that need to be preserved and currently many of them are under threat. The empty art performances in Bali that become daily life for the Balinese people also make the Balinese atmosphere, which was full of artistic aura, become empty. An art with ancestral heritage is also very valuable in our lives. Pandemic teaches us how to see and cultivate art performances in the future so that they can be everlasting.

The present of We Love With Love in Bali, seeing and involved directly in the lives of artists. Besides, We Love With Love also tries to gain support from sponsors for the artists, craftsmen and various sectors to survive in Bali.

We love with love creatively present to help and maintain the preservation of art in Bali which is affected by this pandemic through efforts to spread these works through digital media. We Love With Love is trying the best to channel donations and support the artists and craftsmen of small and medium enterprises who are struggling against the Covid-19 pandemic. So that when this pandemic end, hopefully art works in Bali will be remembered and preserved.