Vulnerability of the Tourism Business in Bali

In this very difficult era due to a pandemic that has hit the world economy, every country was affected including Indonesia, especially Bali.

Before, Bali was the prima donna of the tourism sector in Indonesia and now has suffered a loss of 10 trillion rupiah.

This is due to the paralysis of the tourism sector in Bali where hotels, restaurants, cafes, tourist spots, handicraft shops, and art performances have all lost their market, namely tourists. The lack of visitors means that there is no income for the continuity of business and life for people who rely on the tourism sector in Bali.

Workers lose their jobs, are laid off and even return to their own villages because they cannot afford to pay for their lives in tourism areas such as Kuta, Ubud, Nusa Dua, etc.

Entrepreneurs and craftsmen are also full of worries where they have to close shop for almost a year, not a few of them have discontinued shop contracts, lowered the rental price for lodging rooms by more than 50%, sell cheap products, change business forms and even sell their asset.
Currently, when the vaccine has begun, the tourism and restaurant sector has started to reopen. But, it is still not fully possible because officially the doors of Bali for tourists are still not open for huge masses.

No one expected that the tourism sector would be hit so badly by a pandemic. But, for sure we learn that the tourism business is very vulnerable now and maybe in the future, so we really need to be wiser in dealing with the tourism business.

The present of We Love With Love in Bali, seeing and involved directly in the lives of craftsmen. Besides, We Love With Love also tries to gain support from sponsors for the artists, craftsmen and various other sectors to survive in Bali. Also, creatively present to help and maintain the preservation of art in Bali which is affected by this pandemic through various efforts and works due to keep the craftsmen and artists active and promote their works through digital media. We Love With Love strives the best to channel donations and supports for the small and medium business artists and craftsmen who are struggling against the Covid-19 pandemic.

So, in the meantime, they can survive. Hopefully when tourism is reopen, the craftsmen will remain full of enthusiasm and ready with the works they made during the pandemic.