Why is it Necessary to Support Balinese Artists?

Bali, always reminds us of the beautiful beaches, rice fields, dances and various kinds of pleasing beautiful arts.

Bali is one of the provinces in Indonesia, which has a very strong traditional heritage and being the heart of the tourism sector in Indonesia.

Bali as we know, will not be complete without art. The presence of art in Bali is just like a surfer who needs waves. Apart from the natural scenery that never ends up wanting to be praised, Balinese dance is also one of the main attractions. The beauty of the dancers accompanied by soothing gamelan music accompanied by traditional values in each art makes Bali special.

Bali is also very rich in various art crafts which are done by artists from generation to generation and have become a tradition that enriches this country. As an ancestral tradition, we must protect and preserve various existing arts. The artists as the front line who protect the legacy of their ancestors really need our support.

Supporting them, artists, especially in times of pandemic really need to be concerned. Because the problems occur can divert workers from leaving their art work job to other more productive jobs during this pandemic. If this happens, the traditional heritage of the ancestors will slowly disappear and the nation’s wealth will be gone. Therefore, through We Love With Love, we invite all readers of this article to support art workers in Bali. There are many ways that we can do, one of them is by joining the We Love With Love activity.