Will Business in Bali Return to Normal?

Bali, is one of the provinces in Indonesia, which was affected by the 2020 pandemic. The pandemic was crashing like a wave and shaking the economic sector.

The tourism sector must close due to the rules of all countries in the world that have closed their country for people to come or go. Artists who have lost their target market, also have to fight really hard because their only livelihood was taken by the pandemic.

But, a spark of hope appeared, the word ‘new normal’ became an encouragement for Bali tourism, which previously had to lose it’s target market. They started to get back in the spotlight. Returning to the new normal theme, Balinese businesses are slowly getting ready to get back. Some tourism has started to open and adjust to the new normal. The government is ready with various existing protocols in order to maintain safety, both in the tourism sectors and visitors who come.

As for the artists, they also begin to prepare in various new ways to adjust the new normal situation. Social media is currently the prima donna of this time, the convenience and easily can be accessed from anywhere is a hope for art actors. With the existence of digital technology with various platforms such as Zoom, Youtube, Instagram and online shopping, they can survive. But, will the condition recover as before the pandemic hit?

During a year, the situation in Bali is almost empty, shops are lacking buyers, contracts are discontinued, markets are empty of visitors, cafes, restaurants are closed, many businesses have switched businesses. Seeing conditions like this, it seems a little possible to see Bali as before we know. But, this new normal makes us eager to be creative and fight with the situation, not giving up. Instead, looking for better ideas, so that Bali’s economy and business will return to normal.

The present of We Love With Love in Bali, seeing and involved directly in the lives of craftsmen, also eager to help them with love. Besides, We Love With Love also tries to gain support from sponsors for the artists, craftsmen and various other sectors to survive in Bali.