Words From Founder

On November 12, 2020, We Love With Love Foundation was born. It starts from a sense of love and affection for the country, following with its diverse art, culture and economic potential.

Let me introduce myself. I am Novi, the founder of Yayasan Aku Cinta Dengan Cinta or known as We Love With Love Foundation.

We Love With Love was born in the middle of a difficult time. It was during the pandemic where there is no certainty when it will end. Within this condition we started to make a movement, and Bali is the beginning of our history. We have set our feet and hearts in Bali for a special reason. Based on BPS data, the Balinese economic growth is minus 12.28% and directly gives an impact on the Balinese people. Including artists, also small and medium enterprise craftsmen where their potential was hampered. Driven by the concern about this situation, We Love With Love began to start and explore Bali to meet craftsmen and artists, as well as sharing the empathy for the low demand that affects their daily life.

Until now, we have met with around 12 craftsmen and artists, witnessed how they managed to smile and show their fighting spirit regardless of their existing conditions. Following the various kinds of breakthroughs they strived to survive, we can clearly say that they are aware to love the universe, take care of the environment and others are growing among them. This pandemic taught them to love their nature and each other, because what is happening right now is directly and indirectly a contribution from us as a human.

Me myself and all of us will probably feel much luckier than them at this time; As fellow human beings, I am sure that We Love With Love community friends are moved to do things for our friends that need help.

This feeling of compassion and care for others, also the universe, is the main foundation for the vision and mission of the We Love With Love . Loving others without seeing the difference shows that we love Indonesia’s motherland. The diversity of Indonesia that makes this nation a great nation is supported by the natural and cultural wealth as the nation’s economic potential.

We Love With Love has unconditional love. Such as due to the fragrance, means that only ourselves can make this matter alive and pass it on. The more people felt the fragrance, the more people would get helped and rose up.

Through We Love With Love, we invite our beloved friends to donate and shop. The income funds will be distributed to those who need and to support the We Love With Love. So, we can continue to spread the rahman rahim, compassion, nita tri hita karana and metta throughout Indonesia.

I am Novi, wants to invite anyone who wants to share the feeling of compassion and care for others and the universe, to join Friends of We Love With Love. Your support will be very useful for them.

Join us! Donate, shop and share.