Work From Bali (WFB)

Bali has not been opened to accept international tourists. So, the tourism conditions remain low and getting worse.

Maintenance costs, operational costs, employee well-being were increasingly difficult to acquire for hotel business in Bali.

The government finally urged the government workers and also the private sector that it was possible to work in Bali.

Then what should be done during Work From Bali? Because Bali was known as a very tempting place where tourists always visit. Is it possible to work from Bali? Is it effective? Perhaps that is the most frequently asked question when we hear ‘WFB’.

Some tips for Work From Bali

  1. Change the mindset of Bali as a vacation spot, we must focus on work.
  2. Prioritize completing work more than about enjoying a vacation spot in Bali.
  3. Find a workplace with a pleasant environment for work to remain motivated and productive.
  4. Try to work in Bali for a long period of time, more than a month so that there is still time to enjoy tourism in Bali and get a cheaper cost of living
  5. Allocate time for vacation in Bali only on weekends and work on weekdays.
  6. Simple and minimalist lifestyle, so it’s easy to be mobile.
  7. Take advantage of being able to ride a motorbike, when you can’t use online transportation.
  8. Prepare digital devices and good internet connection
  9. Keep doing the health protocol strictly, diligently exercising and eating healthy
  10. Discipline with your wake up and work schedule.

Please do try and enjoy work from Bali which might help the Bali economy development during the pandemic.